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Patent Filing

Patent Filing

Patent Filing

Filing your patent with the proper international or local authorities.It is not the flashiest process of monetizing your invention. Business Essentials can consult on the best filing strategy matching your business strategy. No matter if you need fast protection, cost-efficient protection or bulk filing, we have the proper solution for you. No matter how many patents you need to file, we will make sure that they are all filed at the right time.

Act fast, protect your invention

The sooner you file your patent application, the faster it will start making you money. Taking into consideration the rate that scientific progress is expanding, you should consider that somebody else is already inventing the same thing. Be the first and file the application. Some of our filing concepts even help you save money in international patenting.

Patent Drafting

Every IP authority recommends innovators to employ the services of a specialized firm that will take the burden of patent drafting and guarantee the best possible outcome for the patent application. Using Dennemeyer Patent Drafting is the best solution for your business. Each jurisdiction comes with a different drafting style, and our local offices offer you extensive availability, including the preparation of patent drawings.Considering that the most important aspect in earning a patent grant is the way that it was drafted, inventors should never take this step lightly. Dennemeyer can provide you with a team of trained patent attorneys to help your company with your patent drafts. Because your success is our success.

Patent Prosecution

In a race against time and competitors, Our Patent Prosecution service helps you successfully obtain your patent by managing administrative and substantive office actions with the respective patent office. Our experienced and highly-qualified patent attorneys will help you develop a successful patent protection strategy, that perfectly fits into your filing strategy. When used together with patent drafting and patent filing, your patent application is bound to run into as little trouble as possible.Our professional patent drafting is of the highest quality on the market, and combined with the possibility to file patents in bulk, we will make the initial process run smoothly and in a timely matter. If the case arises where the patent must be defended, our global team of experienced patent attorneys is at your side.

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